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General Questions

How do I invest in DC bonds?
  1. Open or have a brokerage account: Bonds are sold only through licensed brokerdealers, who can help determine if the bonds are a suitable investment. Investors must have an open brokerage account in advance of the bond sale to place orders for the bonds.

  2. Research the bonds: Before purchasing a District of Columbia bond, prospective investors should conduct their own due diligence by reading the Preliminary Official Statement and/or Official Statement for that bond issue, which includes complete information on the credit and District finances. Preliminary Official Statements for upcoming District of Columbia bond offerings are available through the broker-dealers that participate in the sale of that bond issue. Preliminary Official Statements, as well as Official Statements for outstanding District bonds, are also available on this website on the “Documents” link. For investment advice on bonds contact your investment advisor.

  3. Prepare and place an order for bonds: Contact your broker ahead of the bond sale to discuss your questions, preferences, and options. The District of Columbia seeks to make its bonds available to all interested investors.

The Office of the Chief Financial Officer typically advertises future bond sales on this website. Subscribe to this investor relations website to receive notice of upcoming bond sales.